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Arcano Co. mission is to make significant contribution to the life quality enhancement by providing  innovative submersible pumps that work with improved performance while ensuring a high degree of reliability.

Arcano Co. will follow fair business practices & develop solid  customer relationship. Arcano Co. will strive to improve whatever is done & how it is done. Will continue to earn & be worthy of our customers’ trust.


The values at Arcano Co. that carrying out its mission are:

  • The importance is treating it personnel.
  • Human Resource enhancement.
  • Innovation.
  • Environmental Protection.
  • Social Responsibilities.

People are the center of the company’s activities. Respect for the individual is a fundamental & indispensable value.
Arcano Co. result in the best price-performance category over the life cycle period of the pump.
The experience gained is available at the hands of engineers, technicians, sales personnel as a database and helps in offering the proper solutions.

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